Sosai Oyama (Osu!) & Kancho Yousef Shirzad

Sosai Oyama (Osu!) & Kancho Yousef Shirzad

A brief summary of Yousef Shirzad biography

1– I Yousef Shirizadeh (known as Shirzad) was born in January 01, 1950. Started practicing karate in summer of 1963, and practiced different styles of karate for 10 years.


2– I opened my own karate club in 1973.


3– In 1975 the first Kyokushin karate championship took place and I was attracted towards this style after watching the event, as this kind of martial art was my ideal style.


4– In 1976 I was introduced to the late Sosai Oyama by Mr. Soto Hagino, the Chairman of Japan-Ireland air lines (JAL) and after corresponding which took place with the late Sosai Oyama, I was allowed to cooperate in Kyokushin style and I received some films, books, and posters related to Kyokushin karate style.


5– In 1977 I traveled to Japan for one month in order to practice Kyokushin karate.


6– In summer of 1979 I was invited to Japan by the late Sosai Oyama, which I stayed in Uchi Deshi for 3 months and participated in the summer camp and also achieved my 3rd Dan after taking the Dan exams, and finally signed a contract of representing Kyokushin karate in Iran with the late Sosai Oyama.


7– In the autumn of 1979, I took the Iranian team to participate in the 2nd World Kyokushin karate championship held in Japan.


8– Before Sosai Oyama passed away, I regularly participated in masters & representatives spring camps held in (Yugawara), and I also traveled to Japan every year in order to practice in Honbu and also take part in Japanese tournaments and every 4 years when I took the Iranian team to participate in the world championships I also attended in the referees contests.


9– After the death of the late Sosai Oyama (OSU!) I established Shirzad Kyokushin (Shinzen) karate in Iran.

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